Avocado  Seed and Powder


Raw Material:                               Avocado Pit 

Packing Pouch:                           Zippered Aluminium pouch

Presentation:                               40g, 250g, 500g, 10k

Nutrition Facts                1 piece (25g)           

Calories:                                            90

Total Fat:                                            0.5g

Total Carbohydrate:                        20g

Dietary Fiber:                                    6g

Protein:                                               1g

Vitamin A:                                           4%

More than 60% of the aminoacids of avocado are in the pit, his oil reduce the cholesterol levels and help with heart attacks.

Avocado pit have more fiber than any other food.

The flavonol that contains these seed prevents the growth of tumors and slow down the aging process.